m means mobile...

...and that’s what our main focus on. Our products include applications for mobile handsets, smartcards (SIMs in particular), and mobile service platforms. All projects we participate in have a ‘mobile accent’ as we recognize a great potential of services for mobile users.

Our team consists of skillful experts in mobile space. We’ve got our experience working at GSM carrier companies, telecom equipment vendors and handset manufacturers. This means we’ve learned mobile technologies from different angles and our skills are versatile.

In order to provide mobile users with a new service it’s not enough to be knowledgeable in server technologies.
It’s not sufficient to be skillful in developing applications for mobile handsets either. Knowing how a cellular network operates is essential for understanding of how that affects mobile services. But… that knowledge is not sufficient as well.

Someone should have a combined expertise in all these areas. Someone should be in the middle.

That’s where we are.

And this is a kind of skills, knowledge and expertise we offer our clients.


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